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Invest in your future by building a network of ideas and thoughts, in a visual note-taking app that makes learning fun and effective.

How WisdomTree looks like
Person sitting an reading.

Organize your knowledge

Collect insights, quotes, ideas — anything you want to remember. WisdomTree helps you get more out of the things you read, watch or listen to.

Knowledge Tree

Organize your learnings in a visual tree that grows over time. Build up a personal knowledge library that helps you improve your thinking.

Blocks of Wisdom


Person thinking.

Remember long-term

We usually forget much of what we learn before we can apply it to our lives. WisdomTree helps you defeat forgetfulness with science.

Designed for Learning

Our brains did not evolve to remember plain text. Enrich your notes with virtual locations, images and connections to improve your retention.

The Power of Images

Spaced Repetition

Person proud of his achievements.

Stay motivated

Learning is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. WisdomTree helps you stay on the ball by turning learning into a game.

Accelerate your learning with:

Color Categories
Flash Cards
Bi-directional Links
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Weekly Reports
Image Search
Daily Quotes
Markdown Export

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